Paranoid Personalities in the Legislature.

Who or what is the opposite or the antithesis of a paranoid psychosis?


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Federal Ministry of Health

Friedrichstr. 108

Attn: Minister of Health

10117 Berlin (Mitte)

Luebeck, 30 January 2019

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The advertised paragraph § 219a abortion and the paranoia of the agenda. CC

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Excerpt from the Internet:

Spahn: "We don't want any advertising for abortion" "With this compromise, the Grand Coalition strikes a balance," says Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn on the planned amendment to Section 219a.

"Women seeking help in conflict situations must be able to know which doctor they can turn to. However, there will be no advertising for abortions in the future either. An abortion is not a medical procedure like any other."

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ministry of Health, Dear Politicians,

Dear Mr. J. S., Dear Readers,

Today my person would like to begin with the song "Wild geese rush through the night with a shrill cry to the north" to make it clear to you once again the writing on the wall.

Here in the FRG, you have allowed personalities who are to be taken seriously but who are diseased to approach highly explosive places, and you have placed yourselves in highly explosive places where you and such circles of persons with at least one personality disorder certainly do not belong.

For this serious reason, you and your kind will please immediately arrange that all of these gynaecologists and all of these volunteers in the counselling centres who advocate or even carry out an abortion are brought under the control of a psychiatrist with immediate legal effect and by mutual agreement, in that in each case a guardian must be provided by the court for these aforementioned people, who will be responsible for taking the respective diseased personalities to a psychiatrist and for controlling the strictly forbidden abortion in the respective practices and abortion clinics!

The reason for this measure my person would like to or has to explain herewith once more in more detail, as there seems to be no other possibility at the moment, as my person's Cudgel is quite obviously "still in works"!

If one as a doctor wants to help a human being, mostly affected adolescents, also young women or mothers with several children, career women or diseased women or even mothers with an expected ill child, by prescribing or advocating an abortion, then one always settles one's willingness to help and the resulting material gain at the high cost of an unborn human being in its most defenceless form, by killing the life of this expected and growing human being in the womb, always and basically involving Creation!

As a treating doctor, one reaps first of all gratitude from those affected by this intervention in Creation; one reaps recognition from the broken societies and one thereby receives one's secure billing by the health insurance companies and a future-oriented employment with various employees in an expandable and sought-after practice.

What is concealed from the mothers concerned, however, is a certain ignorance and uncertainty about the risks of the monumental things and procedures involved in just one abortion.

It is certainly not only the mother and her family who are primarily involved, but almost certainly also the father or the begetter and his family of the child killed by an abortion.

Furthermore, every thinking person should actually know or be able to recognise that the incipient life in the mother's womb must not be regarded as the property of the bearer, when life has already "asserted itself", but it is a part of Creation and for this part in the body of a person the respective expectant mother has become responsible and is to be held responsible for the well-being of the new and growing life.

Often an "actual" mother cannot put the abortion that has already taken place out of her mind and thinks too often about the child that could have come into the world.

The sex of the child is visibly known to most expectant mothers of today before an abortion and thus even a destiny of a human being has already become recognisable and real.

It can therefore also lead to the emergence of many new mental illnesses.

Now one seriously wonders what causes a person in a responsible and trustworthy position as a contact person for pregnancies, primarily a woman and a doctor, to advocate abortion.

These are the questions that a psychiatrist should have asked himself long ago and that an intelligent person who deals professionally with the soul or psyche of a human being should be able to answer.

What is going on in these people and why do these people want to contribute to society at the supreme expense of another still unborn human being?

What has happened to these people in the course of their lives and where and when was the point that could have triggered such behaviour?

In most cases, the cause is to be found in the respective family life and thus in childhood, when the mother had to bear the burden of the children and the marriage.

Often such behaviour is also related to great disappointments, which will mostly concern a lack of attention and attention in childhood, but often the love life, or with one's own deficits, which one has placed on oneself and could not achieve, but often it is quite simply the missing father image of a man!

As a rule, the man in the house is missing and this is especially true for a boy and not only for a girl.

Thus, the sense of justice of these groups of people often dwindles or shifts, since the basic consolidation of a person has been limited by the missing role model of a man or father, respectively, and often the result is then an artificially acquired and exaggerated self-esteem, which can then express itself through the desire or goal to get into a position of power.

This described position of power of the proponents of abortions and their henchmen is no longer compatible with a healthy mind of a human being, since the diseased mind of the respective person is directed against the life of a human being, whereby this threatened life in its greatest defencelessness cannot even defend itself!

Unfortunately, these affected expectant mothers do not even know what also happens or can happen on earth to the aborted life.

However, these affected people who wish or hope for an abortion usually know quite well that there are enough practising so-called doctors who would like to be involved in this broken society of ours and often also know where the weak point of the respective counterpart is or at least that there will be a weak point because these doctors can also identify with the request or concern of the affected people and thus seriously stand behind their theses.

Of course, this also applies to people in the executive, judiciary, legislature and thus preferably to politicians, who will basically have taken leave of the norm and will also no longer be able to do otherwise than to identify themselves through their ideas of right and wrong and often through an excessive need for recognition will thus accordingly also pass the laws against the basic attitude of a person and Christian.

I am not aware of any religious community or religion in the world that permits or even advocates abortion!

However, the fact that the state should create laws for the population, for social interaction through a social environment and for social togetherness, but always disregards the fact that there is something else for people and may even be much more important for a person than life on earth, is something that every responsible person in politics and business should urgently work on and not only focus on consumerism.

For this reason, only very few current politicians will be able to be called into the next higher responsibility, whereby especially the current Minister of the Ministry of Health, Mr. J. S., will obviously be given a special position, which involves a double-edged sword, in that from now on he will serve his field of activity in a two-track manner, which means that he will obligingly deal with reality, which always moves between "heaven and earth".

This can be done through the published "treasuries/ homepages" of my person, whereby at least three points of view always strike me in this respect with the aforementioned minister, but also this mentioned special position was certainly not caused by my person, but will certainly be a determination!!!

Simply explained: Every human being has his or her right and if a human being is missing who was killed prematurely, then the designated place is missing and his or her predetermined counterpart can thus not find his or her actual counterpart on earth. Thus the place or the location or compulsorily the being also change for many involved ones in the hereafter.

Since the whole thing does not come about by chance and is certainly not without danger, my person would have the advocates or the stooges of an abortion, if at all possible, also put under a resolution for the protection of all people, in that for a change the real paranoids and not just the wrong ones would also have to be transferred to a psychiatric ward and if necessary treated on the spot with pharmaceuticals!

Of course, and logically, the resolution does not only apply to Germany, but it can be clearly seen almost everywhere in the world that the man in the house has been missing and for this reason a person has been provided who can wield the Cudgel worldwide!

However, not only a "Cudgel leader" or Empress, but two other "high-born" Gentlemen with different true titles have been called and provided for mankind, as well as already* a royal staff has been convened, which has been named by my person, but of course not determined by my person, and as should actually have been confirmed long ago, is composed of the Royal Danish Ambassadors.

Occasionally, additional persons from public or social life may be added to the staff, which will ultimately be decided by King Juergen alone, whereby the actual power or Authority has been placed in the hands of the Emperor and Empress, preferably in the hand of the Emperor; in this respect, the current whereabouts of a Highborn will not be able to be decisive in the end times.

Quite apart from this, at the end of time there will certainly and logically be a "gassed" exchange of blows,** in which no lesser than my person should be involved, which would make a halo of at least twelve stars for me.

But I will not let that happen to me on principle and am certainly not prepared to engage in an exchange of blows** without my pocket money, which I would also like to use during my lifetime and which I should partly put into the matter, but which remains bound to two conditions.

HP: Many other people around the world will also have to risk their lives and health, and probably some of them will lose it, in order to eventually win it.

Thus, a person with a sound mind will have no other choice in this regard, also because there are far too many sick people on the way who can again put others in very high danger!

                                          With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Every single expectant mother, regardless of whether it is a child mother, a sick child in the womb or a pregnancy caused by rape, should absolutely and in every respect be helped in their difficult situation from all sides by giving these girls or women the best possible help, especially also through long-term and financial security.

Note: In this way, a state does not need to pick the best from the "fruits/ people" of other mostly poorer states in order to maintain the prosperity of a sick society, which quite obviously wants to adhere to the currently paranoid legislative power in order to have heaven on earth as much as possible and to be able to enjoy and savour life more and more and for longer and longer!!! 

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